SABATON goes Gold!

August 29, 2022

Huge congratulations from the entire Metal Department family to SABATON, who posted the following news update on their Facebook page on August 27th:

“The show in Hungary was an emotional experience for us. Not only did we manage to avoid the storm that could have cancelled our concert, but we also received our first gold record in Hungary on stage at our sold-out show in Budapest. We’re pretty psyched that a metal band is the number 1 selling international artist in Hungary so far in 2022. THANK YOU ALL!”.

That’s a fantastic achievement and kudos to all the Hungarian metal fans, who obviously have very good taste.

Speaking of SABATON GOLD, did you know that there is an extremely rare GOLD VINYL edition of the ‘Bismarck’ 12″ single?

There is (!!) and right now you can get your greasy palms on it if you visit our good friends at HOUSE OF SPADES here and participate in the very special SABATON promotion they have running right now….Good luck!

(Please note: Participation is only available to residents of certain countries)