DEMON 'Devil Rides Out: Soundtrack For The Game' CD

Selected tracks from “Night Of The Demon”, “The Unexpected Guest” and “The Plague” plus the remixed track “Get The Hell Out Of Here”.

Also including the new track “The Devil Rides Out”.

This CD version includes 2 bonus tracks compared to the vinyl version.

This is the first soundtrack ever made for an online slot game, released the same day as the album.



1 Full Moon 1:35
2 Night Of The Demon 3:16
3 Deliver Us From Evil 5:20
4 Sign Of A Madman 4:32
5 One Helluva Night 3:55
6 Don’t Break The Circle (Remixed version) 4:44
7 The Plague 6:17
8 Get The Hell Out Of Here 4:25
9 The Devil Rides Out 4:30
10 Beyond The Gates Of Hell 5:20
11 Total Possession 3:52


0 out of 5

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