New release: TWISTED SISTER’s Eddie Ojeda solo 7″ ft. RONNIE JAMES DIO and DEE SNIDER

December 2, 2022

In 2005 famed TWISTED SISTER guitarist EDDIE OJEDA issued his first (and so far) only solo album, entitled ‘Axes 2 Axes’. The album was released on vinyl at the time, but there was never any single release available.

Now Metal Department rectify that and issue 2 tracks off that album as a special limited edition 7″ vinyl single.

The A-side features ‘Tonight’ with the late, great Ronnie James Dio on vocals.

The B-side features a BEATLES cover-version of ‘Elanor Rigby’ with his former TWISTED SISTER bandmate Dee Snider on vocals.

The 7″ record comes packaged in a cool foldout PVC-sleeve with a card insert.

There is black vinyl edition limited to just 200 copies and a special ‘Killing the Dragon’ game bundle with a blue vinyl pressing, t-shirt & colour poster, limited to only 100 copies! ‘Killing The Dragon’ is the official DIO online slot game, which was released in October of 2022.

In 2008 Eddie looked back at the experience of working together with Ronnie James Dio, as he explained in an interview with Sleeze Roxx webzine:

“Q: You had some amazing guest vocalists, Ronnie James Dio and Joe Lynn Turner. How did you get them involved?

A: When I did the CD I always wanted to have guest stars on there. To me it’s fun and keeps it exciting. Carlos Santana did that and I thought it was really cool. That was the idea and as I wrote different songs the right person just came into my head. I did a show in Puerto Rico with Dio and about a month before had written the song ‘Tonight’. Right away it sounded like a Dio song. It was influenced by an Alice in Chains song, ‘Man in the Box’. Some jerk reviewed it and said I ripped off ‘Jamie’s Crying’ (Van Halen). I don’t think the two songs sound anything alike. The melodies and riffs are totally different. Of course other songs can get you into a groove and you start to write from there, they inspire you but you want to do something original. Just because your beat is similar doesn’t mean anything.

It was a coincidence that two of the people on the album, Joe and Ronnie, were both in Rainbow. So it’s funny and weird you know, I always liked Rainbow so it was kind of cool to have Joe and especially Ronnie, but to get both of them was unbelievable.

Ronnie was really cool when I saw him in Puerto Rico I gave him a copy of the song and asked, “Would you like doing the song?” When he heard it I think he really dug it. He told me “When I go home I have a studio in my house and I’ll bang the song out in the next two weeks.” So he actually did the vocals in L.A. and sent me them which is the great thing about now a days you can email people stuff. We sent each other CDs and then I just uploaded it. I heard the right person for the song and I just wanted to have a little fun with different people on there. You know, give it a different flavor.”

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