Exclusive CANDLEMASS ft. Papa of GHOST X-mas competition

November 24, 2022

X-Mas is once again sneaking up on us, and this year Metal Department has come up something truly special for you headbangers. YOU now have the chance to get your paws on a super rare collectible from Doom Metal legend CANDLEMASS, here featuring Papa Emeritus III of GHOST.

We are giving away just 1 vinyl record…but not just any plain record…This is the ultra limited PURPLE vinyl version of the 10″ single ‘House Of Doom’.

Now, ‘House Of Doom’ was recorded by Doom metal legend CANDLEMASS, and features a guest appearence from Papa Emeritus III of GHOST, which is 100% exclusive to this particular vinyl version of the track.

The PURPLE version of the 10″ has only been used for promotional purposes, so it can’t be bought anywhere, making it one of the rarest official CANDLEMASS & GHOST collectibles out there!

And now it can be yours!

All you have to do to enter this competition is to subscribe to the official Metal Department YouTube channel (Metal Department – YouTube). That’s it and you’re in! (Further details are in the video comments).

The competition is up and running until November 28th at midnight Central European Time, at which time we will pick the lucky winner among all new channel subscribers.

The proud winner of the purple CANDLEMASS & GHOST vinyl will be contacted directly.

Please like this video, share it with your friends, and if you are the lucky winner, make sure to tag us on social media in a picture of you with your new record!

GOOD LUCK and MERRY X-MAS from us at Metal Department!