How are DMEs and NFTs related?

NFTs and DMEs share the same principle but DMEs have a wider range of utility, such as listening to music and having a virtual experience past a static JPG or GIF image. DMEs are held to a higher standard of quality and bring true value to what you purchase.


What am I buying?

You are buying a DME (Digital Multimedia Experience). A unique digital product that has all the cool aspects of owning an album or a CD but in an all-digital multimedia format.


How Do I Buy It?

Go to the ‘DME’ section of our store and you can see all the DMEs we offer. When you purchase one you will own it and can sell, trade and lend it just like you would a physical album or CD. To make everything easier and more efficient we attach a NFT to your DME and record your ownership on our Blockchain.


What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital token with a unique ID. For example: You take a song or artwork. Digitize it. Make 100 copies. You name each copy uniquely. You store the name of the item and who owns it on a list in a database.


What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a list where your unique NFT is recorded.


Why should I buy it?

The main reason to buy it would be because you get a unique, digital product from your favorite artist etc. You can also sell it later if you choose to. The price might increase or decrease, some people look at it like an investment, but you should always look at it first and foremost as a means to own unique artwork and music from your favorite artist and help to support them.


How do I buy it?

You buy it directly from our store, and once you have bought your first DME you will also get your own digital wallet, where you then can store, listen to and watch all your DMEs.


What do I get?

You get a unique, digital product that you have ownership of. It can be a song, artwork, a video or pretty much any multimedia experience that the artists create for you.


How does my wallet work?

The wallet works as your own, personal account. This is where all your DMEs will be stored. It will also include a media player, so you can listen to/watch all the songs/videos you have bought.


Can I re-sell an NFT?

Yes you can. You can do that directly from your wallet. You simply put it up on the marketplace and name your price.


Is my DME safe?

Yes, we maintain backups of all the assets and the lists that show you own it. We have a large customer support team that can help you if you have any questions.


Can I make money buying and selling DMEs?

Yes of course. Just like if you buy a limited physical product, the price can increase if the demand for it is higher than the availability, but the price can also go down of course.