Dee Snider brings the house down in fabulous new in-concert stream

August 12, 2021

I wanna rock………..I wanna rock…….I wanna rooooooooocckk!

Those 3 simple words pretty much sum up the nearly 50 year long career of Dee Snider, the legendary former frontman of 1970’s New York club darlings TWISTED SISTER, which later became a proper arena act with the release of the monster hit that was ‘Stay Hungry’.

But all that was nearly 30 years ago and more recently Dee has released 5 solo albums under his own name.

Actually Dee Snider (spelled with an ‘i’, his name is not Dee Snyder) officially retired from performing & recording new music in 2018 – but like many before him, the bright stage lights kept calling him, and thus (fortunately for us rockers) a short-lived retirement was shelved indefinitely.

Since that short hiatus Dee has released another 2 albums, ‘For The Love Of Metal’ and the most recent ‘Leave A Scar’, released in July of 2021.

To mark the release of the latest album, he & his solo band made a very special performance at Stereo Garden in Patchogue, New York on June 11. That performance in front of an intimate audience was filmed with 16 cameras, and the resulting recording is now available to be streamed on demand right from the device of your choice!

Below you can preview a full track from that Dee Snider live concert – and that is only the beginning! Dee Snider might be nearly 50 years into doing what he does best, but the power and hunger is more present now than it ever was!

More Dee Snider tour dates will soon be ready.

Some fun facts about Dee Snider:

  • In 1985 Dee gave testimony to the United States Senate’s Committee on Commerce in a congressional hearing on ‘record labeling’              
  • Dee’s wife of 45 years Suzette Snider used to be a costume designer for several of the 1980’s Hair Metal bands
  • Dee is the father of 4 children                            
  • In 1998 Dee wrote and starred in the cult horror movie ‘Strangeland’            

Do you wanna rock out with Dee & the boys??!

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