BANDS ON REELS: ‘House Of Doom’ gameplay with Johan Längquist of CANDLEMASS

September 9, 2021

Metal Department’s own Federico sat down with Candlemass vocalist Johan Längquist and had a great chat about DOOM METAL music, the very beginning of Candlemass, where inspiration comes from and many other interesting topics, whilst both enjoy a full test-play of the classic ‘House Of Doom’ online game.

Did they come out on top??

Watch the full video below for the answer….

Johan Längqvist was of course the vocalist on Candlemass’ legendary debut album ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ (1986), but at that time had no intention of becoming a full member of the band.

He later auditioned to join them after his successor, Messiah Marcolin, left, but ultimately the job went to Thomas Vikström.

Several years later again, Johan would frequently join Candlemass on stage to perform ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ in its entirety, some sessions of which have been recorded (much to the delight of fans).

In 2018, he finally joined the band on a full-time basis and thus the circle was completed.

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