art print posters

All Metal Department art print posters are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper MAXIMA – the ultimate photo paper for fine art photography.

Created with the desires and expectations of demanding professional photographers in mind, it has outstanding longevity and shows exceptionally deep blacks and great shadow details.

Specially designed for fine art and museum display, high-end output results. The perfect match for customers with the ultimate quality demand and the pursuit of distinctive visual appearance.



• Optimized silver halide crystals for laser exposure yet optically compatible

• Its high maximum density results in great shadow details and beautiful deep blacks

• Exceptional color gamut increase of min. 10%

• Especially developed for the gallery & museum market and their high-end prints

• X-Coupler Technology:

Through the incorporation of a cyan coupler (XCoupler
Technology), which features a molecular structure developed by Fujifim’s proprietary
technologies, this paper is capable of reproducing
the subtle shades of green and of forming colors of high purity, such as vibrant blues and reds.

• NLS (New Low Stain Spectral Sensitizer)
Technology and ARR (Advanced Resistance to
Radiation) Technology:

PAPER MAXIMA has not only WE (White Enhancing) technology but also incorporated NLS technology, which is Fujifilm’s LSS technology taken to a higher level. The results are more brilliant, purer whites and clearer and more distinct highlights. In addition, ARR technology, an advance over the previous RR technology, has been incorporated to suppress color paper fogging caused by ambient radiation, enhancing the maintenance of white purity in unexposed colour paper.


Fujifilm has a long and respected history of setting photographic standards of excellence that have been trusted by generations of professional and amateur photographers alike.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers are designed to bring out the exquisite detail of every image.